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325,000 Americans die each year of sudden cardiac arrest. Some of these deaths could be prevented through the timely use of a defibrillator. The inability to locate AEDs in such emergency situations greatly reduces their intended life-saving impact. You can help by reporting locations of AEDs throughout Philadelphia!

Report an AED whenever you see one at your workplace, in a theater, or on your way home. AEDs may be located at office buildings, gyms, shopping centers, restaurants, hotels, schools and universities, medical offices, community centers, and other public places. You can report an AED here or through an app for your Android phone.

You will be awarded points for each report and for inviting your friends. The points will be converted into cash if our team wins the competition. You are free to keep the money or donate to charity (we are not keeping any money)! I'd like to learn more

The competition is over. Thanks to everyone who participated!

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