CrowdScanner Tag Challenge CrowdSourcing Team of New York, Washington DC, London, Stockholm, Bratislava - Win Cash Prizes for Taking Pictures!

This crowdsourcing campaign will pay photo-locators AND their referrers in New York, Washington DC, London, Stockholm and Bratislava

Have you seen any of these people? Grab a good pic and upload it here ASAP!

New York City

Washington DC




Welcome to CrowdScanner

Join our mission to win the US State Department Tag Challenge. Help us locate 5 people in different cities around the world in a day, and you may earn yourself a share of the cash prize!

The individuals ("suspects") are volunteering to be in public in New York, Washington DC, London, Stockholm and Bratislava on Saturday, March 31st. Once you are signed up, all you need to do when you see one of the suspects is take a picture of them, and upload it here by noon EST the next day. A very important way you can help, even on the challenge date, is by sharing the referral link you get on signing up; the larger our scanner network, the higher our chances of winning together.

You will be awarded points for each winning photo AND for inviting your friends. The points will be converted into cash if our team wins the challenge.
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